We have to defeat them!
The Ancestral Witches This article is a stub. You can help Crystal Gems Wiki by expanding it.
The Ancestral Witches are the main antagonists of Season 1. The Ancestral Witches consists of three members, Icy, Celeste and Stormy.
The Ancestral Witches




Icy is the witch of Ice. Her powers are mainly based on Ice. She is the opposite of Jaylee. Icy's powers are based on ice (hence the name) and is capable of creating objects out of ice.



Celeste is the witch of darkness. Despite her dark powers, she shows an interest in boys.Her powers are of darkness and are also mind based and commonly her magic is seen as purple rings.



Stormy is the witch of weather. She is shown to have a bad temper.Stormy creates and controls storms, thus deriving a pun from her name

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